Geistlich Announces Exciting Product Line Extension from Reoss: Yxoss CBR® Fully Protect

April 9, 2024

Geistlich Pharma North America announced today the launch of Reoss’s latest innovation, Yxoss CBR® Fully Protect, the newest addition to the Yxoss CBR® Family!

Now there are three Yxoss CBR® options to best suit your needs: Yxoss CBR® Classic, Yxoss CBR® Protect, and now Yxoss CBR® Fully Protect! The new Yxoss CBR® Fully Protect has the same characteristics as the other configurations: 3D-printed custom-made titanium mesh that accurately reflects specific patient data, provides a solution for both vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation procedures, and gives the opportunity for integrated implant positioning.

In addition, Yxoss CBR® Fully Protect maintains the same established benefits of the Yxoss CBR® family: removes time-consuming, cutting, shaping, and adapting titanium mesh, gives the opportunity to reduce surgery time due to perfect fit without complex adaptations, and eliminates sharp edges and challenging removal which inhibits proper healing. The easy removal design allows for all Yxoss CBR® products to be removed easily with pre-defined breaking points.

For complex bone defects, needs will vary based on the position and extent of the defect, the patient’s anatomy, overall treatment requirements, and personal preference. The benefit of Yxoss CBR® Fully Protect is its fully microstructured surface that protects from tissue ingrowth. Having a dense microstructure across the complete scaffold allows for high stability and space maintenance, very easy removal, and enables good bone maturation due to a very well-vascularized tissue.

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Geistlich Pharma North America announced today the launch of Reoss’s latest innovation, Yxoss CBR® Fully Protect, the newest addition to the Yxoss CBR® Family!

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