Geistlich Knowledge Bites

Join us for an impactful learning session during your lunch break!

  • Expert Demonstration: Gain firsthand knowledge from Dr. Young, a leading authority in 3D printed bone regeneration, as he demonstrates his techniques and shares his expertise in treating significant horizontal and vertical bone defects.
  • Valuable Resources: Receive an exclusive “10 Keys to Success” guide that distills his essential tips and strategies for bone grafting with custom titanium solutions.
  • Clinical Case: Analyze a detailed clinical case that provides practical examples and deeper understanding of these techniques.
  • Efficient: A concise and focused session, designed to fit seamlessly into your lunchtime schedule without sacrificing depth or quality.
  • Complimentary Lunch: Enjoy a complimentary lunch for your team, making this session both informative and convenient.

Have my local Regenerative Specialist contact me about scheduling lunch!