Osteology Foundation

Formed as an international, independent science-based forum to promote research in oral tissue regeneration and ensure that knowledge gained from research is translated into everyday clinical practice.

The Osteology Foundation is a global organization that supports science, research training, and education in the field of oral tissue regeneration. The objective is to develop and share knowledge and understanding, leading to evidence-based clinical practice for improving patient care.

True to its motto, “Linking Science with Practice in Regeneration,” the Osteology Foundation bridges the gap between scientific advancement and contemporary clinical practice in the field of oral tissue regeneration.

Osteo Science Foundation

Unveiling the true potential of regenerative medicine will require the power of forward-thinking research and scientific collaboration. This is the heart of the Osteo Science Foundation.

Our leadership continues to be committed to the mission of the Osteo Science Foundation to advance hard and soft tissue regeneration with a focus on Oral and Cranio Maxillofacial Surgery. Our aim is to promote high-quality basic and clinical research as well as education that leads to improved outcomes for patients.