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Membrane Fixation
with Precision


About Membrane Fixation System

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is based on the combined use of a bone substitute and a barrier membrane, which has the dual purpose of:

  • Isolating and protecting the hard tissue avoiding the infiltration of fibroblasts at the site to be regenerated
  • Stabilizing the graft material to allow clot stabilization and optimal formation of new bone
  • Key benefits include: no pre-drilling of the site required, can be used in very compact bone, tack shape designed for easy removal, and blue tack coloring facilitates detection under soft tissues

Supertack Anatomy


(1) The top side, has a diameter compatible with most available existing systems. The carefully studied profile is easily grabbed with the tip of the placement instrument. (2) The unique beveled edge offers easy removal action, while the underside surface (facing the bone) is flat (3), which provides a stable, uniform pressure on the membrane.


(4) The conical shank rises from the head with a diameter substantially greater than that of other systems. This, along with the radius of the connection, (5) greatly increases resistance to bending. The taper of the stem, which allows for easy removal, requires a retentive collar (6) that uses the natural elasticity of the bone for locking the tack. The calibrated tip (7) is sufficiently sharp for penetration in dense bone and was developed at an angle close to 90° to obtain a high flexural strength. Incorporating these features (4)(7) in a 3 mm shank allows the SuperTack to penetrate a high-density cortical bone where previously considered impossible.

The cobalt blue is result of an anodization process of the titanium and facilitates detection under soft tissues. Decontamination, plasma cleaning, clean room packaging and sterilization, all follow parameters of absolute excellence.

Precision Supertack System

The Precision Supertack System is composed of titanium tacks and a set of instruments that allow quick, optimal application and simple fixation of the membrane. The medical grade polymer container is suitable for the cleaning, disinfecting and sterlization of the instruments after use.


  • Mallet (Stainless Steel)
  • Tack Organizer
  • Stainless Steel Tack Placement Instrument
  • Standard, Long & Offset tips


  • Tack Organizer with Retaining Lid
  • Aluminum Tack Placement Instrument
  • Standard & Long tips


  • Tack Organizer
  • Aluminum Tack Placement Instrument
  • Standard tip

Precision Supertack System

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