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  • SafeScraper TWIST (3-Pack)

  • Micross (1 Pack)

Bone Harvesting

Harvesting Innovation For Your Regenerative Needs

Geistlich SafeScraper Twist®

Combining Versatility and Flexibility

SafeScraper TWIST provides an easy method for harvesting autogenous cortical bone for use in grafted sites with a minimally invasive technique.

  • Curved tip facilitates easy access to donor sites which makes it ideal for both minor and major harvesting procedures 
  • Ergonomic design provides excellent control during the harvesting procedure
  • Collection chamber capacity: 2.5 cc

Geistlich Micross®

Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

Micross is a minimally invasive autogenous bone collector which allows clinicians to harvest bone better in narrow, difficult-to-reach areas.

  • Exclusive micro-blade allows easy bone collection
  • Narrow profile provides the ability for bone collection at the defect site
  • Designed for tunneling surgical techniques, minimizing patient discomfort
  • Collection chamber capacity – 0.25 cc

SafeScraper Twist