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13th Ramfjord Symposium

June 13, 2024 - June 15, 2024
Rackham Graduate School | Ann Arbor, MI

Found 10 Results
Key Study

American Academy of Periodontology best evidence consensus statement on the use of biologics in clinical practice

Dr. Alberto Ortiz-Vigón
Dr. Erik Regidor Correa

BIOBRIEF, Download, Video

Clinical Efficacy of Geistlich Mucograft® in Regeneration of Oral Mucosa Combined with the Surgical Treatment of Peri-implantitis in Implants with Lack of Keratinized Tissue

Key Study

Efficacy of biologics for the treatment of periodontal infrabony defects: An American Academy of Periodontology best evidence systematic review and network meta-analysis

Dr. Vinay Bhide
On Demand

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Interview: Discussing Soft Tissue Treatment Options

Key Study

Long-term results of periodontal regenerative therapy: A retrospective practice-based cohort study

Dr. Diego Velásquez, DDS, MSD
On Demand

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Microsurgery: Enhancing Predictability in Regenerative Therapy in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry

Bassam Kinaia, DDS, MS, DICOI
Sterling Heights, MI

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Odontogenic Keratocyst Management

gIDE Dental
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Online Master Classes

Dr. Robert Levine
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Palate Free Approach

Key Study

Platelet-derived growth factor stimulates bone fill and rate of attachment level gain: results of a large multicenter randomized controlled trial