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Geistlich is dedicated to the continuing education of our clinician partners. Whether in person or virtual, our mission is to increase the knowledge of regenerative dentistry. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey and growing with you as a clinician. 




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Dr. Tamir Wardany, DDS

Dr. Tamir Wardany
San Francisco, California, USA

BIOBRIEF, Download, Video

Avoiding Post-Implant Placement and Long Term Crestal Bone Resorption by Thickening Vertical Soft Tissue

Prof. Dr. Ronald E. Jung
Zürich, Switzerland

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Bone Augmentation L-Shape Technique With Early Implant Placement

Dr. Liliana Aranguren, Dr. Vuette Carrillo, Dr. Irina Dragan, Dr. Gayathri Shenoy
On Demand

Video, Webinar

Clinical Cocktails: The Science of Bone Graft Mixing

Dr. Matteo Chiapasco

Prof. Matteo Chiapasco
Dr. Pierpaolo Casentini

On Demand

Video, Webinar

Clinical Indications and Guidelines for Soft-Tissue Augmentation at Implant Sites

Dr. Ueli Grunder
Zurich, Switzerland

Clinical Case

Contour Augmentation With Geistlich Bio-Oss Collagen® A 25 Year Follow-Up

Dr. E. Todd Scheyer
On Demand

Video, Webinar

Evidence-Based Decisions for Periodontal Hard and Soft Tissue Regeneration

PD Dr. med. Vivianne Chappuis
Bern, Switzerland

Clinical Case

Guided Bone Regeneration with Simultaneous Soft-Tissue Augmentation in the Anterior Maxilla

Dr. Alan Meltzer
On Demand

Video, Webinar

Guided Bone Regeneration: Treatment of Spacemaking Osseous Defects

Dr. Justin Kang
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, USA

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Horizontal Ridge Augmentation in the Esthetic Zone

Dr. Waldemar Polido
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Clinical Case

Immediate Implant Placement and Soft-Tissue Thickening in a Split-Mouth Approach

Professor Robert Carvalho da Silva
On Demand

Video, Webinar

Immediate implant placement in the esthetic zone: the esthetic reconstruction concept

Dr. John M. Sisto
Park Ridge, Illinois, USA

BIOBRIEF, Download, Video

Lateral Ridge Augmentation in the Posterior Mandible