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Dr. John M. Sisto
Park Ridge, Illinois, USA

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Lateral Ridge Augmentation in the Posterior Mandible

Gregory A. Santarelli, DDS
Kenosha, WI

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Mandibular Alveolar Ridge Split with Delayed Implant Placement

Bassam Kinaia, DDS, MS, DICOI
Sterling Heights, MI

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Odontogenic Keratocyst Management

Dr. Robert A. Levine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Phenotype Conversion Using Geistlich Fibro-Gide® for Immediate Implants in the Esthetic Zone

Paolo Casentini, DDS

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Prosthetically Guided Regeneration (PGR) in the Posterior Maxilla

Dr. Richard E. Bauer, III
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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Ramal Bone Graft for Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisor

Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli
Torino, Italy

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Ridge Augmentation and Delayed Implant Placement on an Upper Lateral Incisor

Dr. Vinay Bhide
Aurora, Ontario, Canada

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Root Coverage for Multiple Adjacent Teeth in the Maxilla with Geistlich Fibro-Gide® 1.5-Year Follow-Up

Prof. Dr. Daniel S. Thoma
Zurich, Switzerland

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Soft-Tissue Augmentation in the Esthetic Zone

Dr. Avinash Bidra
Meriden, Connecticut, USA

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Successful Implant Placement and Horizontal Augmentation for Bilateral Congenitally Missing Maxillary Incisors

Dr. Giorgio Tabanella
Rome, Italy

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The Buccal Pedicle Flap for Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Volume

Dr. Israel Puterman
Washington, DC, USA

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Use of Geistlich Fibro-Gide® for Correction of Maxillary Anterior Soft Tissue Peri-implant Ridge Deficiencies