June 19, 2024
7:00 PM EDT


• Recognize when immediate vs. staged bone augmentation can be indicated.
• Assess risk factors related to major bone augmentation.
• Identify and differentiate between techniques utilized for bone augmentation.
• Select the most appropriate bone augmentation technique for a specific situation.

May 15, 2024
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT

Learning Objectives:
• Review the history, science, and physiology behind bone grafting and basic biomaterials.
• Discuss the traditional grafting methods for horizontal and vertical ridge deficiencies.
• Present important principles that will allow for more predictable results.
• Demonstrate a decision-making tree for grafting techniques for specific ridge defects.
• Illustrate how to utilize a customized titanium matrix to successfully graft the most difficult vertical bone defects.

March 20, 2024
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

Immediate implant placement and loading is a practice that continues to gain traction in the field of implant dentistry, largely driven by patients and clinicians to reduce treatment time and improve satisfaction. Although implant survival rates are high with immediately placed implants, there is often an increase in complications and a lack of primary implant stability.

How can we improve these issues, to meet the needs of both patients and clinicians? And, can we always deliver immediate treatment for patients seeking it?

This webinar will discuss indications, contraindications, and specific protocols for immediate implant placement. It will focus on diagnosis, treatment planning, surgical techniques, and materials to facilitate predictability and long-term success with immediate implants. With increasing demand for immediate implant placement and loading, we must meet the demands of our patients without compromising function, esthetics, and long-term stability.

March 12, 2024
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

Learning Objectives:

• Recognize the “human factors” that can be primary causes of technical and environmental complications in implant dentistry due to the lack of “checklists.”
• Describe the “Updated 10 Keys Checklist” and its use as a diagnostic, surgical and prosthetic sequential checklist to avoid esthetic implant complications.
• Recognize the importance of “virtual” CBCT implant planning for final implant length, width, and in relation to the anticipated buccal gap width and specific anatomy of the site.
• Understand the importance of phenotype modification as part of the surgical protocol with use of autogenous soft tissue grafting or a new volume stable collagen matrix (VSCM) for a “palate-free approach” to implant placement.
• Describe how Google® literally drives patients to our practices thru 5-star reviews as “we treat people, not patients.” (Dr. Michael Sonick 2023)

December 5, 2023
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM ET

• Examine the latest advances in the use of biologics in oral tissue regeneration
• Review the latest evidence on the efficacy of biologics in contemporary periodontal practice
• Discuss the impact on long term outcomes
• Formulate evidence-based recommendations for clinical practice

December 14, 2023
7:00 PM EST


- Biology of bone grafting and the healing process, including bone physiology and the principles of bone regeneration.​
- Identify​ different types of bone grafting materials and their properties, indications, and appropriate clinical applications.​
- Acquire​ knowledge about the scientific evidence supporting the efficacy and success rates of different bone grafting approaches.​
- Explore​ clinical cases to enhance decision-making skills and treatment planning for optimal bone grafting outcomes.​

March 30, 2023

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu graduated the Faculty of Dentistry within UMF “Carol Davila” Bucharest in 2001 and received his PhD degree in Oral Implantology in 2019 with the title “Guided tissue regeneration using the open healing technique and flapless approach in implant patients”. He is a member of the board of the Society for Esthetic Dentistry in Romania (SSER) and a member of the scientific board of Cosmetic Dentistry Romania and Romanian Journal of Stomatology. He is also the co-founder of Quintessence International Romania and a founding member of the Romanian Society for Digital Dentistry.

Dr. Ionescu is an active member of the IADFE (International Academy for Dental-Facial Esthetics), ESCD (European Society of Esthetic Dentistry), EAO (European Association for Osseointegration) and ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantology). He is involved in multiple studies and researches related to the minimally invasive oral surgery and implantology, periodontology and regenerative dentistry. He is an international speaker and trainer for the “open healing” protocol and expert in tissue level implants, author of different articles in the field of oral implantology and regenerative dentistry and a co-author of the “Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry”, published by Quintessence International. He is also a trainer for piezosurgery and for digital protocols in oral implantolgy. Dr. Ionescu develops his professional activity in his private dental clinic, research and training center “aesthetics ONE", with two offices in Bucharest.